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National Novel Writing Month

3 Nov

If I create a post about National Novel Writing Month, it means I have to follow through with it, right? Right. And writing is definitely ten times more rewarding than PLANNING for writing. You can only make so many lists of lists, or mope so much over the host of YA books already written about a treasured topic, or strain so many brain waves over NOVA articles about multiverses.

I admit, though: I’ve spent many a November poo-pooing the whole NaNoWriMo thing (“Psh, I can write any time I want; I don’t need a special month.”). However, while sunk in the doldrums of all that “making lists of lists” from above mixed with the obsessive loop of email-Facebook-Twitter-news-email-Facebook-etc. (you know what I’m talking about, Internet Nerds), I realized I was in a writing rut. During the Twitter part of the loop, though, I randomly clicked on this video from Jackson Pearce:

This is the first vlog of Pearce ‘sI’ve ever seen, but what she said totally reminded me of something I would have said to myself, if I were smart enough to make a YouTube video in advance for my writer’s-blocked self: You can’t make anything awesome if you don’t have some crap to work with.

So. Here I am. NaNoWriMo-ing like the rest of the people in this coffee shop with laptops. (Seriously, it looks like if you’re not writing this November, you’ll be the only person with out a novel.) However, these mashed out words in this blog don’t count toward the goal of 50,000-words by Nov. 30th. So. I’m off to #NaNoWriMo until my brain is a fried egg.

(There’s still time for you to join…you know you want to: NaNoWriMo)

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